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Class of 1953, where are you now?

13 Jan 2023 10:58 PM | Anonymous

January 17th marks the 70th anniversary of the debut of America's Sports Car the Corvette.  It was on that day in 1953 that the first Corvette was unveiled to the public at the Motorama in New York.  With an enthusiastic response from media and the public,  GM quickly began producing the car in Flint Michigan.  Between June 30th and Christmas Eve, 300 cars were hand built.  All of them were polo white with red interiors and equipped with a Blue Flame 6 cylinder engine.  This was the beginning of a seventy year and counting success story that is now in its 8th generation. 

Kevin Brady of Space City Corvette Club owns the 32nd of the 300 cars produced and is often asked how many 1953 corvettes are still in existence.   He undertook answering this question and his findings are published in this quarter's America's Sports Car, a publication of the National Corvette Museum.  Members of the museum will receive a copy.  The article is also posted here

Additionally, NBC will air a short special on January 17 to commemorate the 70th anniversary.  Kevin Brady was interview for this special which will broadcast at 7PM CST on NBC Now. 


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