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  • 11 Nov 2023 5:30 AM | Anonymous


    Space City Corvette Club Honored with Prestigious Award from National Corvette Museum

    Bowling Green, Kentucky - November 10, 2023 - In a remarkable recognition of digital excellence, Space City Corvette Club (SCCC) has been awarded the Best Website Award by the National Corvette Museum (NCM). The prestigious accolade was presented during the Ambassador Academy Meeting held on November 10 in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

    Kevin Brady, SCCC's Ambassador to the NCM and the club's webmaster, graciously accepted the award on behalf of the club. Brady, who is also known for his work with MyVette.com and MyGarage.AI, credited the success of the website to its representation of the club's abundant positive messages and achievements. He also acknowledged the role of Wild Apricot, the platform on which the club's website is built, in facilitating this success.

    The SCCC's website has been a cornerstone in promoting the club's activities, fostering community engagement, and showcasing the vibrancy and passion of its members. Its dynamic design, ease of use, and effective communication of the club's ethos have set it apart as a leader in the digital space among Corvette clubs.

    Deb Howard from the NCM highlighted that the SCCC's website was chosen for this honor due to its exceptional aesthetics, user-friendly interface, and its alignment with the values and mission of the NCM. The website not only serves as a digital hub for club members but also as a beacon for Corvette enthusiasts worldwide, embodying the spirit and heritage of the Corvette community.

    This award is a testament to the Space City Corvette Club's dedication to excellence and its commitment to maintaining a strong and vibrant Corvette enthusiast community. It is a significant achievement for the club and marks a milestone in its ongoing journey of passion and dedication to the world of Corvettes.

    For more information about Space City Corvette Club and to experience their award-winning website, please visit SpaceCityCorvetteClub.com.

  • 8 Feb 2023 4:31 PM | Anonymous

    Because of the desire to streamline manual membership renewals, all memberships renew on January 1 therefore inactive or unvalued memberships roll off the roster at the same time.  It also means that everyone's first year is a "short year". If you look at the chart, the blue line represents the non-renewals at the first of the year.  In the most recent past, we add members throughout the year and like roller coaster head up the hill to experience another drop off from the top. 

    If we didn't have a January renewal and instead allowed members to renew on their anniversary date, one gets a better idea of our true membership trends.  The orange line assumes the same membership loss but not until the full value of their annual membership is completed.  We start 2023 11% stronger than in 2022 primarily because we added 36 memberships in 2022.  And 2023 is off to a good start with 8 additional memberships. Assuming similar recruiting success in 2023 as the last two years projects us at a 7% growth.  Memberships in this analysis are based on paid memberships.  Since most include a spouse/partner, our membership body will exceed 150 before the end of 2023.  

  • 13 Jan 2023 10:58 PM | Anonymous

    January 17th marks the 70th anniversary of the debut of America's Sports Car the Corvette.  It was on that day in 1953 that the first Corvette was unveiled to the public at the Motorama in New York.  With an enthusiastic response from media and the public,  GM quickly began producing the car in Flint Michigan.  Between June 30th and Christmas Eve, 300 cars were hand built.  All of them were polo white with red interiors and equipped with a Blue Flame 6 cylinder engine.  This was the beginning of a seventy year and counting success story that is now in its 8th generation. 

    Kevin Brady of Space City Corvette Club owns the 32nd of the 300 cars produced and is often asked how many 1953 corvettes are still in existence.   He undertook answering this question and his findings are published in this quarter's America's Sports Car, a publication of the National Corvette Museum.  Members of the museum will receive a copy.  The article is also posted here

    Additionally, NBC will air a short special on January 17 to commemorate the 70th anniversary.  Kevin Brady was interview for this special which will broadcast at 7PM CST on NBC Now. 


  • 18 Nov 2022 8:42 AM | Anonymous

    This year's 10th Annual Good Grub and Gears Fall Car Show and Fall Festival was held at Stevenson’s Park here in Friendswood on October 8th. This car show has become one of the premier car shows to attend in the area. Space City Corvette Club produced another Stevenson’s Park record with 223 cars shattering their previous Stevenson’s Park record of 203 at the same time while raising $70,000 for Tim Miller with Texas EquuSearch.

    See News Coverage

  • 3 Sep 2022 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    After a successful rally to raise the needed funds to become a lifetime member of the National Corvette Museum, a group of club representatives travelled to Bowling Green to submit their application in person during the 28th annual celebration of the opening of the Museum.  According to the club's Ambassador, Kevin Brady: "The support shown by our membership demonstrates our commitment to supporting the mission of National Corvette Museum to educate and excite the public about the heritage and future of America's Sports Car."

    Upon greeting the group, Sharon Brawner. President of the NCM stated: "It is a pleasure to welcome each of you in hopes that our relationship continues to flourish. We come together for the cars, but we stay for the people."

    The following people made the trip: AJ Loupe with Catie Philips, David and Amy Garza, Curtis and Janie Russel, Gary Riley, Jay and Jill Jahn, Kevin and Alma Brady with their daughter Katherine.  

  • 4 Jul 2022 10:27 PM | Anonymous

    It’s a Friendswood tradition, the Nation's longest continuous running 4th of July Parade in America     This year Friendswood celebrates the 127th year in a row. The parade is being led by 40 Corvettes from the Space City Corvette Club. The City of Friendswood has invited Space City Corvette Club to lead the parade again in 2023!!

  • 21 Mar 2022 10:33 PM | Anonymous

    This weekend Space City Corvette Club had its 9th Annual Good Grub and Gears Fall Car Show and Fall Festival at Stevenson’s Park here in Friendswood while shattering the Stevenson’s Park record of 189 cars with 203 while raising over $32,000 for Tim Miller with Texas EquuSearch.

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