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"Driven to Make a Difference" 
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Welcome to Space City Corvette Club, where Corvette enthusiasts unite to celebrate their shared passion for these iconic vehicles. We extend a warm invitation to all Corvette owners who are eager to engage in thrilling events, including road trips, street meets, car shows, racing events, and a variety of other meticulously organized and enjoyable activities.

At Space City Corvette Club, our mission goes beyond the thrill of the ride; we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our community. Through our events and activities, we actively raise funds for both local and national charities, embodying the spirit of giving back.

Join our vibrant community and experience the camaraderie of fellow Corvette lovers. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Corvettes, our club is the perfect place to connect, share experiences, and contribute to meaningful causes.



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"we came together for the cars, we stay together for the people"

If you own a Corvette and are looking for friends that share your passion, come and be our guest at our next monthly meeting.  We meet every second Tuesday of the month. Check the event page for the exact location and time or join us at one of our other events.  Our members participate in most Corvette oriented events in the area, so if you see any of us wearing our distinctive Space City Logo, ask us any questions you may have about being a part of our club.  If you would like to join us, please visit our join us page!

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Space City Corvette Club is an active group that provides many opportunities to enjoy touring in your Corvette.

Street Meets are generally one day local excursions that are planned about once a month. They often include lunch or visit to a local attraction. In some cases, they are in support of other organizations' events or fund raisers.  When possible, we assemble somewhere and caravan to the event. 

Road Trips provide occasions to venture further and enjoy the open road.  Planned about once a quarter, we organize a destination led by our Road Captain.

Car Shows give our members the opportunity to shine. They enter (and win) many of the area's car shows and cheer each other in victory.



Space City Corvette Club is a proud lifetime member of the National Corvette Museum.  We encourage our members to also maintain individual or family memberships.  We maintain active and personal relationships with the NCM through our Donors, Ambassador, Officers, and Club Members who visit Bowling Green.

Our Participation

We support the NCM with participation in events, raffles and online purchases from the Corvette Store.

Our club will participate in the National Caravan in 2024.


WE KNOW OUR CARS ARE FAST, but believe that overly aggressive driving has no place on public streets that may endanger others.  When we caravan on road trips, we prefer that you admire the beauty of America's sports car with pride (and perhaps a little envy), but don't think "there goes a bunch of idiots".

We may go zero-to-speed limit with a little vigor, and we love stretching our legs on the track! But you won't find us driving around looking for a run in with a Mustang or a Charger.

We always drive with a smile, wave at other Corvettes, and acknowledge anyone who gives us a thumbs-up along the way.

Space City Corvette Club is a 501c7 non-profit organization

Proceeds from our activities benefit local and national 501c3 charities

Our appreciation goes out to
our generous sponsors!

Still looking to learn more about Space City Corvette Club? Try searching here or contact us.

Mailing Address:


P.O. Box 1173

Friendswood, TX 77549

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