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Curtis and Janie Russell

The Ambassador's Cup

Each year, the Space City Corvette Club has the honor of awarding the Ambassador's Cup, a prestigious accolade that celebrates not just the remarkable service of our members but their generous contribution of time and resources to the community. This award is more than just a pat on the back for a job well done; it's a heartfelt thank you from our club, a beacon of encouragement urging our members to keep up the fantastic work in the year to come.

About The Ambassador's Cup

Imagine the Ambassador's Cup as a symbol of excellence, a "traveling trophy" that finds a new home each year with someone who has truly made a difference. For one special year, the trophy graces the home of its recipient, serving as a daily reminder of the impact one person can make. And when the time comes to pass on the torch, a permanent trophy is awarded to keep, as the Ambassador's Cup embarks on its journey to the next deserving individual or group.

The privilege of selecting the recipient of this esteemed award falls to the current Ambassador of the National Corvette Museum, or in their absence, the President of the club. As the year draws to a close, they sift through nominations, carefully considering each candidate's contributions, with the final decision made with insight and integrity, often after consulting with club leaders and past awardees.

Eligibility for this honor is straightforward: be a member in good standing of the Space City Corvette Club, with a membership that dates back to before the start of the current year. It's our way of ensuring that the award goes to someone truly embedded in our community.

Nominations are welcomed with open arms up until Christmas Day, inviting all members to put forward names of those they believe are worthy of this recognition. Whether by email or in response to a call for nominees, each suggestion is a chance to spotlight the unsung heroes among us.

The Ambassador's Cup is a testament to our club's ethos, not merely recognizing service within our ranks but also our mission to enrich the broader community we're all a part of. It's an award that speaks volumes, held in the highest regard, and a symbol of the collective spirit and generosity that defines us.

To all our past recipients, we offer our congratulations and deepest gratitude. Your endeavors have set a benchmark of service and community spirit that continues to inspire us all.

Here's to the spirit of giving, the joy of service, and the community we build together. Let the Ambassador's Cup remind us of the difference we can make, one act of kindness at a time.



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